ExpatRepat Services exists to meet the needs of companies whose employees are at work in their home country as well as in one or more other countries. We equip their employees and employee families for a variety of challenges as expatriates and as repatriates.

An expatriate is one who has left his or her homeland to live or work in another country. The length of the expatriation is normally for two or more years. A repatriate is an expatriate who has been through an international assignment and has returned to his or her country of origin. It follows that expatriation and repatriation are the bookends of the expatriate experience.

The expatriate experience involves a process—gradual changes that lead to a particular outcome. Those gradual changes can range from very enjoyable to very distressful. The process begins when one is selected for an assignment in another country. It includes cultural adjustment to the host country, performance of one's assignment there, and continues through the coming home experiences of repatriation.

  • Are you being considered for an expatriate assignment?

  • Are you, or you and your family, now in a host country on an expatriate assignment?

  • Are you experiencing challenges while "in country" for which you were not appropriately prepared?

  • Are you soon to experience the coming home process known as repatriation?

ExpatRepat Services works with individual employees and employee family members who are in some phase of the expatriate experience.

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